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Since 1988, HTMS International is a leading General Sales Agent (GSA) Company dedicated to Tourism and Hospitality. For more than 30 years we strive on expanding and improving the sales cycle efficiency of professional Travel Operators.

For more than 30 years the HTMS Group is the primary benchmark for both Independent Hotels and Hotel Chains, Destinations and DMCs (Destination Management Companies) with a view to improve their sales performances, to gain new markets shares and to penetrate specifics business segments and niche markets altogether.

The role of the appointed General Sales Agent is therefore focused to support professional tourism operators in improving competitiveness and effectiveness of its sales activities, yet maximising its investment costs. To secure long-term loyalty in the marketplace, to widen the network and to improve the quality of its business relations, over the years we have developed new engagement models and “buyers management” campaigns.

Amongst these, the “Beyond Sales Program®” is by far the most innovative and successful for its extraordinary efficiency is based on an articulated blend of activities ranging from events management, meetings, workshops, trade shows, sales blitz, fam trips, sales appointments, communication campaigns and post-sales analysis.

The proven methodological approach by HTMS is based on a pre-assessment insighful analysis stage of each product and destination against the target market to either consolidate or to set about. We therefore identify the market segments best fitted and more receptive for the target, whilst comparing our analysis with the customer expectations and needs. Furthermore we measure the personalization of the appointed services, assessing the activities from a commercial perspective; alongside with other key performance indicators from a consulting perspective thus to guarantee an overall product improvement – HTMS finally delivers its Representation Service proposal strictly based on territorial exclusiveness, retainer fees and success fees.

HTMS International
A different Sales approach Customized on Your Targets
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key facts

  • 31 Years of Experience
  • 15 Countries covered by HTMS local Offices, Representations and Partnerships
  • 50 Countries represented by HTMS network of DMC, Hotels and Tourism Boards
  • 12000 Buyers in HTMS Database
News and Trade Events
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