Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) Representation Company

The HTMS Team is well established and appreciated within the Tourism Industry. Over the years we have put together a talented group of Professionals whereas each and every one of them knows intimately the destination and product that it represents – and drive sales with passion and enthusiasm.

We have heavily invested in our Team for their work and dedication can truly make a difference in an Industry that has evolved so much since the dotcom boom. Even more so in light of the global instability that has changed the whole Supply Chain, the buying behavior and how vendors are selected.

Albeit in HTMS we are all part of a family and each Team Member is wholly focused on delivering success for our represented customers, each individual is assigned a limited portfolio of products (or destinations) to guarantee long-term success and measurable accountability. For this reason HTMS has spearheaded and developed new and articulated representation methods, customer relationship methodology and “Buyers” management techniques.

To secure a sales-oriented consulting approach to both the Demand and Supply chain, we have introduced the MICE Expert role. Operating wide across the HTMS represented portfolio, our “MICE Expert” intercepts untapped opportunities to further develop this highly technical and demanding market segment.

Amongst these, the “Beyond Sales Program®” is by far the most innovative and successful for its extraordinary efficiency is based on an articulated blend of activities ranging from events management, meetings, workshops, trade shows, sales blitz, fam trips, sales appointments, communication campaigns and post-sales analysis.