Mice representation company

Our Team is very weII known and respected by the Industry. That’s because we have organized a Team of professionals which are trained about the products and destinations they promote and with great enthusiasm.

A large investment which makes the difference in a world which dramatically changed in the Internet era, and especially during the long international crises which transformed the entire filiera, the purchasing procedures and the way the suppliers are indemnified and chosen.

In HTMS we are all part of a family and we are all focused on the success of all our represented accounts, but each of us has specific responsibilities serving only a limited number of products/destinations within our portfolio. HTMS has introduced and developed new and sophisticated formulas of re presentation, relationship building and “Buyers Management”.

The most innovative one is certainly the “Beyond Sales Program®’ based on a wide and unique mix of data base management, sales calls, fair attendance, trade events, road shows, workshops, hosted buyers programs, fam-trips, joint sales & marketing campaigns, communication and post-sales actions, training academies.