Mission, Hospitality Sales Agency

Many companies are professional and possess credible expertise concerning their principal trade, not all have the know-how and the resources to cover other markets with the necessary speed and efficiency.

Our mission is to gather under a single brand a wealth of across-the-board proficiencies, in order to offer the highest standard of services.

Thanks to a careful selection of our International Partners we are able to supply a series of services that include:

  • Representation Activities
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Sales
  • Promotional Events Management
  • Training to Trade
  • Start-up & launch of special projects
  • Client Care & Post Sales Activities
  • Product Management
  • Quality Control

Thanks to the cooperation with ABC PR Consulting, a Communication Agency based in Milan that relies on the in-depth knowledge of media relations and press offices, we are able to provide the following services:

  • Public & Media Relations
  • Press office activities
  • Digital Communication
  • Crisis Communication
  • Branding Strategies
  • Image Creativity and Production
  • Below the Line Materials
  • Planning of Advertising Campaigns
  • Media Buying